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“The fact that our partner Elite Digital and us were entrusted to provide a CAFM solution for the African Union (AU) headquarters is testament to our expertise and coincides with our plans to increase our international footprint. This is the first step on what we hope will be a long journey,” explained Tungrsam Innovative Solutions General Manager Peter Hrobár.

The project is centered on developing cutting-edge facility management processes for the Julius Nyerere Peace and Security Building at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Named after one of the foremost Pan Africanists and peacebuilders, the Julius Nyerere Peace and Security building meets international design standards for environmental sustainability and it is one of the key properties of the AU.

The AU, founded in 2001 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a continental union consisting of 55 member states located on the African continent. The building was designed to further enhance the Union’s capabilities of performing its mandate in promoting peace, security and stability in Africa. It hosts the AU Peace and Security Department, and provides a base for the operation of the continental early warning system and the coordination of AU-led peace support operations.

Under the project agreement, Tungsram Innovative Solution will develop maintenance and office space management, office/meeting room reservation, contract and lease management as well as area and asset management processes. Facility management work processes will include corrective and planned maintenance, with special emphasis on the latter. Tungsram will also be responsible for integrating the AU’s current human resources and asset management systems.

Tungsram will consume the BIM model created in ArchiCAD, to create a so-called digital twin, of the Julius Nyerere building, which ensures an outstanding degree of data accuracy for property and facility management. Spread across 13,500 square meters of floor space, the building includes office space for nearly 400 employees, a plenary hall for the meetings of the Peace and Security Council, a Situation Room and an Operations Room, as well as a library, meeting facilities and auxiliary functions. Having a digital twin of the building will allow all stakeholders involved in the facility management process to work with a unified, integrated database. “ArchiFM will not be an isolated solution, it will be part of a comprehensive, integrated system. We hope that once the results of this pilot project are assessed, the project will be extended to other AU buildings. Our plan is for the AU and Tungsram developing together in Africa,” said Péter Hrobár.