Round High Bay IP65 Gen1

The TUNGSRAM Round High Bay Gen1 range has a massive industrial
aesthetic that makes it suitable for applications in facility that has high
ceilings and requires illumination of 6 meter or more. Designed as a
simple point-to-point replacement for conventional high-bay luminaires
with 250 and 400 W mercury vapor or metal halide lamps. The 4-5x longer
lifetime vs HID lamps provides significant reduction in maintenance costs
without usage of mercury and other hazardous materials.
Featuring highly efficient Samsung LEDs and a Moso driver, that along
with the rest of the high quality items provide a 135lm/W efficiency.
Its light flow can be dimmed from 0-10V or DALI, allowing us to adjust
the brightness of the light emitted, in function with the needs of each
The Round High Bay Gen1 range offers all the benefits of LED lighting
to the customers – fresh light quality, longer service lifetime, reduced
energy consumption and less maintenance.