The Science of Lighting

Lighting is life.

Even in an industrial environment.Because it has always been crucial to untie production from natural light. As a substantial slice of the operation costs paid for electricity, there is an always present need to find the optimal lighting method, to provide the necessary amount and adequate quality of light, while keeping the costs of operation and maintenance low.

And then LED technology has come.

It opened new horizons in professional lighting with a huge decrease in energy consumption, while allowing fine-tuning for the properties of light. Our engineers and designers at Tungsram have developed optimized solutions for the different areas in industrial lighting to provide energy-efficient and human centric lighting solution.

Let Tungsram bring you the Science of Lighting.

Optimal Lighting for Various Industries

The right lighting is basic for every work environment. We at Tungsram know how diverse needs there are in the various segments of any industry. Although the required lighting is standardized and officially controlled, there is a huge difference in the amount and quality of light necessary for actual type of work in the different factories, laboratories and warehouses.

Better Light for Better Work

The right lighting is required for good vision and ensures a pleasant lighting climate. Expert planning is required to meet the diverse requirements of ergonomically and photometrically perfect lighting. Good lighting is needed to meet health and safety requirements: it should provide support for visual processes and protect employees from accidents and health hazards. But it is much more. It influences our physiological condition and has an impact on our concentration and psychological well-being, therefore greatly effects our performance.

Improve Lighting and Save Costs

Saving while improving is the challenge of the 21st century. Tungsram LED technologies offer lighting optimization with massive energy efficiency, saving up to 80% energy or more, contributing to cost saving, sustainability and smaller carbon footprint.

Modern lighting designs serve particular environmental needs by using intelligent lighting controls linked to daylight sensors and other smart control applications. More light for senior employees, or higher illuminance levels for dedicated workstations by better identifying visual requirements are among the many technologic improvements we offer.

The Value Inside Lighting Improvement

A LED based lighting system is an immensely worthwhile investment in industrial workplaces. Besides its high efficiency and up to 80 % lower energy costs, its low degradation, long service life and low heat generation results in considerable savings on the long term.

An optimized lighting solution improves visual performance, promotes concentration, prevents fatigue and stress, therefore it maintains overall health and protects against accidents at work.

A well designed Tungsram lighting system offers greater flexibility; it can be expanded without great efforts and can be adapted to new work requirements. LED lighting at Tungsram means high degree of reliability due to high-quality components and professional engineering.

Tungsram LED Lighting Solutions

• Better illuminance
• Harmonious distribution of brightness
• Good glare suppression
• Modelling (direction of light and shadows)
• Light colour and colour rendering
• Smart control with dynamics, daylight integration and individual adjustability


Industrial Product Overview

Our engineers help designing the optimal lighting system for your facility, and selecting the best choices of Tungsram products for the purpose.


Office, Social and Commuting Areas

Our smart systems help eliminating unnecessary lighting and costs in less used areas, while projecting the optimal amount and quality of light to the required surfaces.


Roads and Other Outside Areas

Tungsram LED Lighting Solutions assure safety and security by installing the necessary lighting outside.

High-Bay IP20


The new Tungsram High Bay LED luminaire is an exceptional mixture of value and performance. The product range has been upgraded to reach very high efficacy up to 177 lm/w and cover lumen packages between 11,000 – 30,000 lumens. The range includes DALI and various sensor versions, such as the Nedap Luxon IoT Node, to enable internet connection and wireless control of the luminaire range. With the improved efficacy, wide range of control options and higher lumen output, the HB IP20 is an ideal choice to replace high watt HID and T5/T8 LFL fixtures in high bay and low bay applications, in industrial and commercial buildings. 


High-Bay IP66


This IP66 rated LED fixture range offers exceptional mixture of value and performance for high bay applications where water and  dust resistance required. This range has been upgraded to reach very high efficacy up to 182 lm/W with high lumen packages from 10,000lm to 30,000 lumens. The range includes wide variety of alternatives for color temperature, color rendering, beam  ngle and control systems, for to best optimized customer solutions. DALI, IoT and various sensor versions offer modern solutions  or any lighting project. Designed to replace high watt HID and T5/T8 LFL light sources.


Integrated Mariner Premium


This fixture has an attractive, neutral aesthetics that makes it suitable for applications in commercial, residential and industrial environments. It is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescent waterproof fixtures. The integrated mariner offers customers the best mix of value and performance. Its compact size with high lumen output makes it a perfect  lighting solution for applications where high luminous intensity and resistance is required.



Tubular Linear


The high performance IP67/ IP69K waterproof Tungrsam Tubular luminaire range has many advantages. Matching design and performance this product offers an outstanding efficacy up to 150 lm/W. Thanks to high protection to external aggression (IK10) and against dust and water (IP65/IP67) the Tungsram LED Tubular is an effective solution for the lighting in many environments (such as parking lots, railway and airport station, warehouses etc.) and also promotes easy architectural integration due to its thin tubular shape. Not only efficient and good looking, this product ensures a sustainable investment due to low energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.


Round High Bay IP65 Gen1


The TUNGSRAM Round High Bay Gen1 range has a massive industrial aesthetic that makes it suitable for applications in facility that has high ceilings and requires illumination of 6 meter or more. Designed as a simple point-to-point replacement for conventional high-bay luminaires with 250 and 400 W mercury vapor or metal halide lamps. Featuring highly efficient Samsung LEDs and a Moso driver, that along with the rest of the high quality items provide a 135lm/W efficiency. Its light flow can be dimmed from 0-10V or DALI, allowing us to adjust the brightness of the light emitted, in function with the needs of each moment.

Round High Bay IP65

Gen 2 with Honey Comb

The IP65 Round High Bay with Honey Comb optic is designed to replace traditional high ceiling applications. The Honey Comb structure together with the special designed housing frame can provide excellent optic design, dual anti-glare and more comfortable UGR level in all industrial areas (<UGR22, RG0). The less glare means more safety when operation while the efficacy is above 140lm/W which provides additional saving for the user. The robust design results long lifetime in all applications.