Tungsram supports the children’s homes of Csaba Böjte with donation

On the occasion of the International Day of Light celebrated on 16 May Tungsram donated 12,000 lamps to the Transylvanian children’s homes of the Franciscan monk, Csaba Böjte.

This is the second year the International Day of Light is celebrated. On the initiative of UNESCO from 2018, May 16 is the world day that aims to draw attention to the importance of light and the technology associated with it in our every day life.

On this occasion Tungsram donated 12,000 lamps to the Szent Ferenc Foundation of Déva founded by Franciscan monk Csaba Böjte that operates children care homes all over Transylvania.


The lamps go to 83 establishments

Plant Manager of Hajdúböszörmény Viktor Bánhidi and HR Director of the plant Szilvia Tokaji handed the donation in Székelyhíd, close to the Hungarian border. Éva Nagyfalusi, the director of the children’s home of Székelyhíd ( Child Jesus Child Protection Center) received the offertory and said that they will pass on the lamps to all 83 establishments (residential homes, day care centers and school houses) of the Foundation where currently almost 1900 children are fostered. „ Since we have several institutions our maintenance costs are quite high. However, modern energy-saving lamps allow us to cut back our electricity bill.”

„Our donation also emphasizes the principal message of the International Day of Light; that light holds great importance in our life. With our offerty we quite literally bring light to those in need”-stressed the CEO and President of Tungsram Group Jörg Bauer.

LED lamps from Nagykanizsa

60% of the lamps offered are LED that came out of the Tungsram factory in Nagykanizsa since out of the Hungarian plants of the company the manufacturing of LED lamps take place in the one in the province of Zala. The Nagykanizsa plant that has been operating for 50 years and employs almost 2000 people is considered Europe’s biggest lighting source factory as well as one of the biggests in the world. Plant Manager Miklós Herman said: „We are really proud of the fact that the major part of the donation came from here, the Nagykanizsa plant”. He added that thanks to the up-to-date manufacturing and repairing lines their plant is able to produce energy-saving and long-lasting LED lamps in a very efficient way.

The idea comes from an ex-worker of Tungsram

This is the second time the company offers lamps for the foundation; the idea came from Gábor Deák who used to work at Tungsram and brought clothing and food donations to Déva years ago. When he entered one of the child care homes of the foundation the bad lighting in certain rooms immediately caught his eyes. „ I instantly thought that donation of lamps could be a huge help for them”-he said. This is how the first offer that was a roughly similar size as the one this year arrived to the institutions of the foundation.




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