Budapest-Zagreb, 31st of March 2020 – Tungsram has sent a truckload of lighting products from its Nagykanizsa plant to help alleviate the damage caused by the earthquake of the 22nd of March

As known on Sunday morning a magnitude 5,6 and a magnitude 5,1 earthquake struck off Zagreb. One person died, several were hurt, and 250 buildings were damaged in the earth tremors. The Croatian parliament and the building of the government were also affected, and people had to be evacuated from several hospitals.

Tungsram, with the deepest sympathy for the victims of the earthquake asked the Hungarian embassy in Zagreb to help it find the best opportunity by which the company can help those affected. As a result of the consultations, on Tuesday the company has sent a truckload of lighting supply to the city through the Croatian civil defense.

The shipment has departed on Tuesday around noon and will be received and distributed in Zagreb by the civil defense in the early afternoon.

The supply includes 21 000 T8 compact lighting tubes that can be primarily used in hospitals, schools, offices and business premises. In addition, Tungsram has also sent 13 000 energy-saving compact light sources to the residents of Zagreb afflicted with the earthquake that can be useful in every household.

The Croatian Ministry of Health welcomed the contribution to the hospitals as the lighting tubes are widely used in health institutions – also, they need every support they can get because of the coronavirus.

“This way, we can help the victims of the earthquake and contribute to the continuous treatment of the coronavirus which has become even harder due to the catastrophic event”, said President & CEO of Tungsram, Joerg Bauer. “We believe that as neighbouring countries we must stick together thus we aimed to help as greatly as we can, as fast as possible. Lighting supplies also offer practical help in reconstruction.”

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