From 13 July to the end of September one can visit the innovative, environment-conscious model house-park named “Solar village” set up on the area of ÉMI industrial park. The coordination of the guests is facilitated by the indoor-outdoor navigation mobile app developed by the Smart Solutions branch of Tungsram launched in last September

This year the international Solar Decathlon Europe which is an academic innovational house-building competition is organized in Szentendre. First among the neighboring countries, Hungary-more specifically the ÉMI Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (a background institution of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology)-won the right to organize the competition back in 2017.


Model houses competing in a decathlon

The competition was launched in 2002 by the Department of Energy of the US and it aims to promote architectural solutions in the field of solar energy, renewable energy and innovative applications while also improving the social- and market support of green technologies.


On the Solar Decathlon Europe competition 10 university teams of 8 countries compete with their own model houses that each present unique, innovative and cost-efficient solutions by using existing renewable technologies and systems. The houses are compared in ten events- hence the name “decathlon”-for instance in the field of engineering execution, energy-efficiency, integration into the urban fabric or sustainability.


Intelligent facility-operating

On the ceremonial opening of the competition that was held on 12 July the leaders of Tungsram Group and ÉMI signed a strategic agreement on the cooperation in the field of research and development. The goal of the first project was to develop an intelligent facility-operating system; as a first step, the Smart Solutions branch of Tungsram that was launched in last September and develops smart solutions supporting the effective operation of cities and buildings, created an indoor navigation system.


President and CEO of Tungsram Group Jörg Bauer said that those who come to see the competition can also try the prototype of the navigation system. With the help of the two apps downloadable to mobile phones (the first one completed with an outdoor navigation system as well), the visitors can find not only the innovative, energy-efficient solutions introduced in the ÉMI headquarter but can also get navigational support finding the model houses interesting for them in the industrial park that gives place to the competition. Both apps provide short descriptions of the visited locations; the innovative solutions introduced and the model houses.


Hospitals, airports, malls: indoor navigation can be helpful

The application options of the indoor navigation system can be quite wide; they can be useful in hospitals, airports or train stations but also in malls so that a certain customer can easily find the sought shop as well as his car in the parking lot.


(adapted from an article in Hungarian at, written by Gábor Tar) photos: Zoltán Hercegfalvi, Tamás Mehlhoffer

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