The Hungarian legal and IT startup, iLex and Tungsram have launched an online markatplace to help the innovation of SME’s in Hungary. In its beta phase the site can be used at

The SME’s having registered ont he website may contact Tungsram and its partners and can ask for help, GM of Innovation at Tungsram, Ferenc Pongrácz said at the launch event organized with iLex Systems Zrt. on Thursday. They will receive answers in a short period oftime about the topics of legal, patent, innovation management, prototyping, manufacturing capacities, laboratory infrastructure and sales distribution matters. In a later phase the two companies and their partners will offer direct services in these topics.


The website called „Tungsram Innovation Marketplace powered by iLex” presented at the event is just the tip of the iceberg, dr. Marianna Ritter, CEO of iLex Group said. The platform will fully operate from January 2020.


She said that iLex is connecting big and small companies by technology solutions. Her company developed 7 applications that use artificial intelligence. Marianna Ritters presented the virtual assistants that will help entrepreneurs, startups who register at the online marketplace.

Tamás Stukovszy, an advisor to the Minister of Innovation and Technology in Hungary said that the government support the innovation of market players, the cooperation of big enterprises and the SME sector, and the online platform of Tungsam is a great example for this.


The online innovation marketplace is another step in the building of an innovation ecosystem at Tungsram. As it was said earlier, the plan is to have the 50% of the revenue coming from other areas related to innovation, rather than lighting. President & CEO Joerg Bauer has often expressed that Tungsram can be the flagship of SME innovation in Hungary, because it can help Hungarian firms reach the global market by i8ts manufacturing and lab capacities, plus by its global distribution network. We will expand the cooperation with SME’s to enter the market with more innovative solutions.


The launch of the online marketplace fits the role of Tungsram as an exporting mentor in the National Enterpreneur Mentor Program in Hungary that the Hungarian state has launched to support small and middle-sized enterprises.







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