Tungsram Group and Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research signed a strategic agreement on joint projects in the field of research and development.

Deputy State Secretary for Innovation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology Ádám Szigeti, Director of Bay Zoltán Nkft. Dr Norbert Grasselli and President and CEO of Tungsram Joerg Bauer attended the event.


The goal of the agreement is to transform Hungarian applied reasearches to globally marketable products. In the beginning the most important innovation areas are indoor farming (Agritech), facility-management (Proptech) and smart solutions; the scientific base of Bay Zoltán Institute and the manufacturing and global sales capabilities of Tungsram will unite in these matters.


 „A lot of innovative Hungarian SME’s and fewer large companies with significant R&D activities co-exist in the Hungarian economy but they are rarely linked”, said Ádám Szigeti. „Because of the challenges posed by digitalization and Industry 4.0 it is important for us to bridge this gap. From the government side, the Bay Zoltán Institute and from the market side Tungsram, as an integrator are able to link these sectors. A gap-filling alliance is being born now in the Hungarian innovational ecosystem that can elevate the innovative development of Hungarian SME’s tot he global market. It is also a great pleasure to see that an old Hungarian brand such as Tungsram reappears on the global market and as a flagship, it shows the way to other companies.”


„We take on the task of R&D and creating a prototype but our corporate partners play the main role of bringing the product to the market.” -said Director of Bay Zoltán Institute, dr. Norbert Grasselli. „We would like to expand our reserach network and activities with e.g. the testing, creating and development of materials or smart technologies in automotive, construction industry and transportation.”


„We can say that Zoltán Bay has returned home since the world-known physicist was the leader of the research laboratory of Tungsram in the 1930-40’s and he also had his world-famous moon-radar experiment here in 1946. We still embrace and keep his memory alive”, Joerg Bauer said. „Tungsram is able to get Hungarian solutions to foreign markets, a great example of this is the MoU we recently signed on founding an Egyptian joint venture that will provide smart technological solutions, among others, to Cairo, a city with 25 million inhabitants. Here, the R&D in the field of indoor farming that is included in the agreement, is crucial since both water- and waste management face serious problems.

The participants took a look at the new indoor farming cabinet of Tungsram which is an innovative product of the Agritech branch of the company. In the cabinet plants are grown without sunlight and soil, with the help of special LED lamps of Tungsram. The product has already met with impressive international interest.







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