Tungsram Group welcomes ArchiFM as one of the group’s subsidiaries as the corporation purchased majority stake of the software company. The subsidiary owning ArchiFM is now called Tungsram Innovative Solutions.

ArchiFM, a cutting-edge facility management software, was previously owned by five private individuals, one of which still shares ownership with Tungsram. It is integrated with one of the most popular building design software ArchiCAD, and rapid facility surveying software OrthoGraph, another one-of-a-kind building surveying software, hence all information can be instantly transferred to ArchiFM. The software features all necessary functions that are essential when managing large building portfolios and provides additional perks along with modules that can be customized for individual needs.


“ArchiFM perfectly matches the smart product portfolio of Tungsram Edge, a division of Tunsgram that specializes in innovative smart products and services,” explained Ferenc Pongrácz, General Manager of Innovation. “It is a world class facility management software that all of our customers will fall for.”

 “We are thrilled to have become a part of Tungsram. Our opportunities are endless, and we are excited to take advantage of Tungsram’s synergies,” applauded Peter Hrobar, GM at ArchiFM. “

 “When we combine our 20 years of experience with Tungsram’s 120 years of heritage, then we truly tap into something unprecedented,” minority owner of the acquired company Adam Korbuly said. “With the help of Tungsram, ArchiFM will be able to expand across the border, and the knowledge we gain internationally can be brought back home strengthen the foundation of our knowledge base locally, contributing to the development of the Hungarian software industry.”


Tungsram plans to host further innovative products and services under the new acquisition.

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