All the five sites where Tungsram has plants, received a Christmas present from the company: at Újpest, the town hall has decorative lighting, at Hajdúböszörmény, Kisvárda, Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg have a Christmas tree dressed in Tungsram lights.

Christmas is also a celebration of lights, this is why Tungsram chose this occasion to offer this gift to the towns as the part of its CSR activities, where the municipalities were happy to accept them.

At Budapest, in the district of Újpest is the HQ of Tungsram, the name of the company and the district has become one in the last century. This Christmas Tungsram is providing decorative lighting for the North and East facade of the town hall. ’We wold like to emphasize that we are present, we are at Újpest and we are proud of our city’, László Sabján plant manager said.


The 600 meters of decorative lighting and the Tungsram branded gift box at the huge Christmas tree of the Zalaegerszeg main square was provided by the company. ’Based on our idea five of these boxes have been manufactured, so each of the five sites could put one under the lighted Christmas trees’, plant manager Zsolt Balogh said.


At Nagykanizsa a more than 10 meters tall Christmas tree is standing on the old main square of the town. The tree, with the few hundred meters of lighting, the top decoration and the lighted box are all the gift of Tungsram. ’The lights with warm white colour are densely woven around the trees, it looks beautiful’, project manager Zoltán Harangozó told.

The Christmas lighting of Hajdúböszörmény was contributed with 500 meters of decorative lighting by Tungsram. ’Our goal with our Christmas gift was showing how good our relationship with the town is’, plant manager Viktor Bánhidi added.


At Kisvárda two living pine trees are decorated by Tungsram lights. The smaller shines in blue, the bigger in warm white. ’The pair looks really good at night, they really elevate the end of the year celebrations locally’, plant manager Béla Mezei said.


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