We ensure with regular audits encompassing a gradually expanding spectrum that our processes meet the international standards.

As a global market participant, it is of paramount importance from a business perspective, among others, to create an objective picture concerning the operation of the company’s most important fields and systems.


In 2019, based on our own internal needs and specific outer customer demands, we decided that the time has come to exchange the company’s former self-assessment metrics in the field of social responsibility with an external certificate. Following the weighing of numerous aspects (familiarity of qualification, time available, expenses and language-related considerations), we opted for the SMETA audit (Sedex Members’ Ethic Trade Audit).

  As a manufacturing company, assuring appropriate workplace circumstances and adhering to as well as enforcing environmental, health, and work protection is indispensable for us. Utilizing our earlier audit experiences, following a successful and rapid preparation, the two-days-long audits took place in December as well as January 2020. Then in February, we received the feedback that we passed the audit without divergence, and no internal structural change was necessary to implement.

ISO certifications

Tungsram operates environmental, health, work protection and energy management systems, whose maintenance and development are ensured by regular ISO audits.

The ISO 14001 certification is a qualification of the environment-centered management system and ISO 50001 stands for energy consciousness and efficiency. Our company has been in possession of both certifications for a long time, so renewing these occurred, as usual, according to a well- established practice during last year. The upcoming maintaining audits were implemented without hindrance in 2019. Acquiring ISO 45001, a qualification regarding workplace health protection and security management system, presented itself as a new task during the past year. This field, similarly to the others, entirely meets the international qualification requirements.


EcoVadis is the most relevant provider of relevant cooperation-based performance-enhancing tools for company sustainability rankings, business intelligence, and global supply chains. By means of its strong technological platform and international team of experts, EcoVadis’s easy-to-use, legally impeccable sustainability performance indexes offer a detailed insight into environmental, social, and ethical risks, closely monitoring 190 vendor categories of 160 countries.

In 2019, we achieved EcoVadis’s bronze qualification, through completing the certifying organization’s online questionnaire.


Zsuzsanna Thierry, Head of CSR:

Summing up the SMETA audit experiences, we observed that while earlier our online self-assessment tests were sufficient for proving the companies’ satisfactory social responsibility, from the beginning of 2019, tendencies have been increasing to carry out authentic location-based audits, which indicates the strengthening market demand for social responsibility audits.


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