The only 100% state-owned company of the Hungarian aircraft maintenance market Aeroplex of Central Europe Ltd. and Hungarian innovation technology multinational group Tungsram signed a cooperation agreement.

This cooperation opens a new door for Tungsram; its activity will no longer be confined to the repair of engine components but the company will also be involved in the supply chain of airport maintenance.

Tungsram announced a year ago that with a $1,5M-worth investment it will establish a new department in its Kisvárda plant in order to utilize its capacities. The new department is in charge of the maintenance of aircraft engine components. As a new actor of the aviation industry the company is continuously expanding its portfolio and searching for new opportunities. The cooperation agreement signed with Aeroplex is a such opportunity as well which was preceded by a long preparation. As of the ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement Tungsram has begun its work in aircraft maintenance for the first time, outside its facilities.

“For state-owned Aeroplex the strategic cooperation with Tungsram is crucial as by supporting each other we strengthen the Hungarian aviation industry thus creating new jobs” said CEO of Aeroplex Árpád Demény. “The goal of the joint work is to enforce efficiency and quality in all three of our businesses, with the help of highly qualified professionals. This strategic partnership combines the knowledge and experience of Aeroplex in the field aircraft maintenance and of Tungsram in the field of production. The cooperation will result in a new, expanded portfolio which holds further added value regarding winning over and serving existing and future partners, projects. Our partnership will not only open a new segment of aforementioned Hungarian aviation industry but also of the international one for both enterprises.”

Tungsram has systematically built up new future safe, highly value added solution during the last two years since its renewed independence’ said President & CEO of Tungsram Joerg Bauer. ‘We are very proud that leveraging our automotive industry certified quality processes and trained staff, we managed to reach up to Aviation industry standards, with the receipt of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Part-145 Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate at the end of last year. We are also very lucky to have right here at home with Aeroplex a very professional partner, with whom we mutually complement our abilities to establish a strong, globally competitive Aviation cluster in Hungary.’

Aeroplex of Central Europe Ltd.

Aeroplex Ltd. was established in 1992 serving as an aircraft maintenance center in Budapest. Today it is a strong, independent business organization which by achieving continuous positive results and enjoying great confidence since 2016 has become marketable again. Our company – thanks to the work of the management and the entire personnel (meaning over 500 people) behind it – is undoubtedly on an upward path. The results of the company in the last year exceeded 500M HUF and this year is also going according to the plans. Replanning went hand in hand with an operative cultural shift which combined the expertise hidden in our company from the past with result-orientated perspective.

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