The Customer

Petrol station Ecoparc is located on national road 113 in Saint-Aunès in south of France.

The Expectations

The Petrol station is opened 24h/24 and 7/7 and needs a very strong and durable lighting but also qualitative for the customers who come in there at night. It was very important to find a lighting solution with the best conditions ever to allow the drivers to enjoy the petrol station service easily in optimum security, without darkness nor glare effect.


For this project, we had to consider the energy savings need to minimize the energy consumption as the lights have to be switched on all night long. The challenge: consume less energy for a lighting more qualitative and for more security.


Finally, the last goal was the durability. The lighting solution had to be efficient on a long-term perspective and had also to require less maintenance possible.

The Solution

To answer better to the project expectations, on which CGED Montpellier & Tungsram Lighting worked in partnership, the lighting solution selected for Ecoparc Petrol Station, located next to Leclerc Saint-Aunès is the LED luminaire AMIx by Tungsram. This outdoor luminaire is recommended for outdoor lighting, mainly for applications like parkings, pedestrian areas, industrial & logistics areas and for all the locations requiring a strong lighting without reflection nor glaring effect.


Using reflective optic technology, the luminaire offers superior horizontal and vertical illuminance with high uniformity, while minimizing glare. This system delivers unusually low perceived glare when viewed from beneath. AMIx provides reduced energy consumption, combined with a long-rated life that virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance expenses, enabling significant operating cost benefits over the life of the fixture.


The main characteristics of AMIx luminaire by Tungsram for this project are the following: 14 130 lumens for a 138 watts energy consumption, which means a luminous efficiency of 112lm/ Watt, class 1 for an IP66 (total protection against dust and powerful jets of water) for a 9kgs luminaire.


The luminaire offers a strong resistance to the impacts with an IK08. The lifetime of AMIx is 96 000 hours L90, for a long-term efficiency.

Results & Benefits

Thanks to Tungsram LED outdoor luminaire AMIx and its outstanding functions, the luminous efficiency is higher. The petrol station users are now in the best conditions ever thanks to horizontal & vertical qualitative lighting.

The long nominal lifetime and the reduced consumption have now an impact on the maintenance costs, now reduced for a long-term perspective which means for Saint-Aunès petrol station, less efforts and reduced costs.

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