The Customer

The project has been requested by the owner of Ludus Črnuče Sport Park in Ljubljana. The modern recreational complex which was developed in a public-private partnership between the City of Ljubljana and the Ludus Company occupies 18,800 square meters and has several outdoor volleyball courts, a small football field, tennis and minifootball courts and a picnic area as well as the first hall for sand sports (i.e. beach volleyball, beach soccer beach handball and other recreational activities) in Slovenia. The owner found a reliable partner in Tungsram and asked us to propose and implement the best lighting solution for their indoor and outdoor volleyball courts.

Project Expectations

The previously installed 400 Watt metal halide reflectors were outdated and proved to be energy inefficient. They were no longer capable to fulfill the expectations of the park’s owners and operators. We proposed a modern and cost-effective high-performance LED lighting system which can contribute significantly to the visitor experience and also provides adequate lighting conditions for high-quality television broadcasts.


The renewal of the Ludus Črnuče Sport Park’s lighting system was a complex task that required considerable professional and technical expertise. Our specialists installed 160 Watt AMIx LED reflectors in the main hall which provided proper lighting intensity (~500 lux) on the floor – a considerable upgrade from the traditional halide lights.

 For the illumination of the six outdoor courts we used 300 Watt asymmetric AHIx LED floodlights with an average of 120 lux lighting capacity which helped to meet the regulation and reduce the light pollution to the legally defined limits.

Results and benefits

With the successful implementation of the new lighting system Tungsram showcased the benefits of replacing traditional metal halide systems with modern LED solutions. The sports park’s energy consumption decreased with ~60 % from 25,6 kWh to 11,2 kWh, a significant drop which is also reflected in the operating costs of the facility.

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