In mid-2017, the Port Authority of Barcelona, within its Plan of Adaptation, Optimization and Improvement of its facilities, commissioned the drafting of a project to improve the facilities and renew the lighting system with Led technology for the area known as Muelle Príncipe de España. With a total surface area of 212,185 m2 and a total of 21 30 m lighting towers, the objective for the new illumination plan was to obtain lighting values in accordance with current regulations while obtaining a more optimized energy consumption. The project was executed at the end of 2018 and the implementation started in February 2019.


The participants in the tender had to provide a solution with a very high level of demand since it was not only to illuminate a container storage area, but also the irregularity of the area to be illuminated, the proximity of the sea, maneuvering areas and berths of boats and the uneven distribution of the lighting stands (the locations of the vast majority of the old stands were used) meant a serious challenge to overcome. Uniformity levels and glare rating were to mark the two main variables by which the best solution was to be defined.

In addition, the fixture had to meet specific technical characteristics offering the minimum surface area of exposure to wind and the minimum weight since these aspects allowed to minimize the effort and maximize safety in the new 30 m stands with mobile crowns.


Tunsrgam, with its 300w AHIX model fixture, offered the best and most optimized solution. The installation of 210 units, distributed in groups of 10 units per tower, allowed to obtain not only the required lighting levels but also provided levels of uniformity, a gradient and visual comfort well above expectations. In addition, regarding the possible glare rating, the AHIx fixture, thanks to its optics with reflective technology, not only minimizes the beam angles of the light source, that is, the LED, but also alongside the aluminum reflector, it achieves long-range photometric distributions without the need to focus (lift from the horizontal) the projector. The set of facts described provides for this lighting scenario in particular, extremely low glare values for any user in the area.


The new energy consumption of the solution executed is 63kw. This optimizes energy consumption by approximately 70% considering an alternative based on the old HID technology with 1000w fixtures. Moreover, the devices used are equipped with DALI drivers, so we provide the new installation the ability to integrate, in the future, an intelligent control system or even to consider level reductions and therefore energy reductions as well, in those time sections of in which the activity ceases or decreases.

The outstanding vision that can be seen from any point of observation together with the excellent illumination results mentioned is a decisive factor so that the new activity in the area can combine storage with tasks that require vehicle traffic, to be carried out with a high degree of safety for any user.

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