The Customer

Javna razsvetljava d.d. is the largest Slovenian company engaged in outdoor lighting and traffic signs. The work of the company is focused on the maintenance of public lighting in Ljubljana and other parts of Slovenia. Since the main goal of the company is to maintain the high quality of the lighting system in the city, they found it necessary to upgrade the traditional fixtures to LED solutions.


Project expectations

Earlier GE sodium and CFL lamps had been in the city, but with the passing of time the previously installed fixtures became outdated. As an alternative new GE LED products have been chosen by the city in order to change the 10-15 years old fittings and reach better energy savings.


The innovation of the lighting system has been realized with more than 10.000 LED SMBt and SLBt in Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities. These GE outdoor fixtures represent an outstanding combination of lighting technology, energy efficiency and value for money. What's more the aesthetic design of the lamps develops the city scape, they provide all the advantages of LED lighting.

Results and benefits

The outcome of the innovation is there to be seen: improved lighting quality, plus better visibility on the streets and roads. Having a cost-effective lighting system results in reduced maintenance and energy costs. Therefore, the new lighting solution is expected to help the city achieve its energy saving goals. In addition, the enhanced quality of the illumination increases the sense of comfort and security.

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