The customer

In November 2017, BDK (Budapest Decorative and Public Lighting Ltd) announced in 11 parts a public procurement aiming at exchanging the largely obsolete lightbulbs for state-of-the-art, more energy-efficient LED fixtures. During the program’s course the access section of M5 highway got modernized.

Project expectations

The tender participants had to fulfill strict technical regulations. The condition was not only to provide standard, high-quality lighting, but also to equip the lighting fixtures with so-called NEMA socket-outlets that meet international standards. This solution enables remote control based on electric wiring, through radio frequencies, or via mobile communication, subsequent attachment of individual cut-off units per lamp, as well as installing other smart functions in the modernized areas.

Just as in case of any outdoor project, the customer provided parameters of energy efficiency and luminosity. It was an important aspect that the lighting intensity has to be sufficient for everyone who travels, whether it be car drivers or pedestrians. Naturally, the elaborated solutions had to fit into environmental characteristics, such as the proximity of parks and residential areas.


In fifteen districts of the metropolis of nearly 2 million people, altogether about 7000 luminaires will be changed in the course of the project that started in 2018 and is expected to last until the summer of 2019. Co-workers of the Budapest Decorative and Public Lighting Ltd. will install the fixtures.

“We primarily applied SLBT and SMBT fixtures, designed to exchange 35-100 W HID and 24-36W CFL luminaires. SLBT and SMBT are also excellent solutions for lighting medium and high traffic roads. Our work was greatly facilitated by communication with the BDK colleagues that was fast, smooth, extremely efficient and traceable, so it took a very short time for the best technical solutions to be born. As requested by the customer, these were also tested by an outside laboratory.” – added Péter Schwarcz.

Results and benefits

As a result, Budapest will be able to save 1.7 GWh of energy per year; that is, approximately 200,000 Euros (60 million Forints), and according to the preliminary calculations, the money saved on electricity fees will repay the luminaires’ acquisition cost in less than ten years.

“Our capital, Budapest can be satisfied to have found such an excellent partner, and the population’s feedback is just as unanimously positive concerning the project,” said Zoltán Pap, executive manager of BDK Budapest Decorative and Public Lighting Ltd.

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