The customer

MILE Ipari-Elektro Kft. plays an important role on the Hungarian market as a wholesaler. Its activity covers many areas like industrial automatization, measurment technology and lighting technology. GE Lighting is one of the more than 5 hundred supplier partners of MILE, who transmits our products to the customers. The company's aim is to support its partners and satisfy the customers' needs on a high level.

Project expectations

Modernizing lighting and saving energy were the two main priorities of the project. In the modern lighting world being environmentally friendly and saving as much energy as possible are significant goals. That is why changing the traditional lighting solutions to LED products is an aim that must be encouraged. MILE also seeked for a solution, that grants cost-effectiveness and energy conservation.


LED Mercury has been chosen by MILE to upgrade its lighting system in Herceghalom. 139 lamps have been installed in the site. The reason for their choice is the high performance of LED Mercury. Not only its 40000h lifetime, but also its A++ energy efficiency ensures a high quailty lighting solution. It delivers 137lm/W, which means 75% energy saving versus HID Mercury.


Results and benefits

The innovation had an appreciable effect from the begining. The bulit-in performance reduced from 18kWh to 5kWh, therefore the energy costs are cut. Thanks to the high lumen output of LED Mercury the site is nicely illuminated, that counts a lot, especially past dark. The improvement pays back its cost in only one year, in addition the new system saves a lot of energy for the company. The long lifetime of the lamps has resulted in a great maintenance cost saving.


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