The customer

Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic, it represents vital importance for the Moravia Region. GE Lighting has its presence there with over 10,000 pieces of GE M2A luminaires which serve the lighting network since decades.

Project expectations

As technology develops and HID fixtures are replaced with LEDs, Brno initiated testings via a few pilot projects. Rooswelt avenue where GE Spinella fixtures have been installed goes through the city centre where can be found several noteworthy buildings such as Janacek Theatre, County Court, and also Mahen Theatre which was the first theatre in Europe equipped with electric light thanks to Edison Electric Light Company.


25 years old 150W HPS GE fixtures with 185W electrical consumption have been replaced by new GE ERS LED system in Spinella fixtures with only 1 optic and 68W. Brightness, illuminance and glare measurements have shown that GE solution is even beyond the applicable/required specifications. As demonstarted by the attached pictures, the LED light brought a modern flavour to the adored street.

Results and benefits

The figures speak for themselves: more than 58% energy savings, servicing periods have been reduced by 4 times vs traditional HID solution. A citizen of Brno can now recognize more light on the street together with improved color rendering due to the high CRI and perfect uniformity. Light is not distributed above the luminaire which helps to preserve night sky for the birds and for those who enjoy watching stars. Light is delivered where needed the most thanks to unique GE optics.

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