The Customer

Balatonakarattya is a village in Veszprém county, Hungary, by the lake Balaton. Despite its small size, Balatonakarattya has huge goals on the field of outdoor lighting modernization. With this project the village has managed a unique lighting solution in Europe, with the help of GE Lighting.

Project expectations

The idea of creating an intelligent lighting system was the driving force throghout the designing period. It is not just a developmental standpoint to create a smart city, but the result can also serve as an example for other cities having outdated lighting technologies. In Hungary this is the first time for such a residental lighting modernization. In the village hundreds of old fixtures have been replaced in order to improve the illumination of the streets.


More than 1100 modern LED Spinellas, Navonas and SLBts have been installed, instead of 787 old fixtures. Thanks to the LED solutions an eviromentally friendly intelligent lighting system was set up, that provides energysavings and high performance. The fixtures can be controlled separately and together as well, which means, that luminous intensity and lumen packages are dimmable depending on the requirements. The energy efficiency and long lifetime of the TUNGSRAM LED luminaires reduce not only the energy bill, but also the maintenance costs.

Results and benefits

As a result of the modernization an integrated lighting system has been created, that could control many intelligent functions in the future, like air pollution measurment or traffic monitoring. In addition the energy consumption of the fixtures is trackable. With the new upgrades million kilograms of CO2 could be saved every year, that counts a lot in the quality of locals life. Though the number of the lamps have been increased only by 50%, the luminous intensity improved by 80%. The fixtures are designed aesthetically, which is beneficial for the cityscape. Due to the developed optical system of the LED solutions light is directed where it is most needed, therefore the streets are better illuminated.

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