The Customer

Axereal is France's biggest grain cooperative, collecting five million tonnes of grain from its 13,000 cooperative members in the country's main breadbasket – the vast Centre Val de Loire region stretching from south of Paris to north of Auvergne.

The company strives to promote and perpetuate its members' production and to contribute to the development of quality food products. Axereal achieves this mission by putting client satisfaction at the heart of its strategy.

Project expectations

Lighting technology is a very important point in a warehouse, especially for employees, for business and productivity. The situation was clear, an IP65 was extremely required in this warehouse, and ROI expectation in less than five years. Replacing old luminaires, by LED luminaires, bringing quality lighting and performance was the main aim of this project. The best visibility of the products was required; routing zones were a priority and offering a modern lighting in a work area where we need to respect several regulations. So, we needed to answer to these three major concerns:

  • Financial savings: Reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Productivity: Solution to improve production conditions and fabrication quality control
  • Employees working conditions: reduce eyestrain and accident risks


400W metal halide lamps in luminaires were previously installed, with a difficulty to distribute lighting due to high bay situation. These traditional technology luminaires were very long to turn on the light, and the lamps inside had to be changed very often. The result was a fast decrease of lighting and the impossibility to use efficient lighting systems, that wasn't respecting European Regulation “NF EN 12 464 Workplace Indoor Lighting”.

As the solution adapted to the requirements, the 400W metal halide lamps have been replaced by new GE ABR1 Albeo LED Luminaire for High Bays and Low Bays. With lighting efficiency of 135lm/W, 100 000h L70, it was the ideal replacement LED solution. GE ABR1, with IP65 is resistant to shocks and dust, and can be operated between -30°C and 65°C.

Lighting distribution provided by GE ABR1 178W Dali solution, is now regular as we can see on the pictures, and the products are visible, in a comfortable way, even in the very tiny zones from the warehouse. This work area seems to be refreshed and more modern, with GE Albeo ABR1 design and thanks to the way GE distributes lighting.

Results and benefits

More than 64% of cost savings per year are now effective thanks to GE A++ solution, this represents more than 4 000kg C02 eq/ kWh and more 44 500 kWh as energy savings. The 100 000h L70 lifetime of the luminaire, the 178W low consumption and the IP65/ IK08 have a direct impact on cost and energy savings, while the 70 CRI, the 4000K temperature color are the perfect combination to ensure an exceptional performance, recognizable at first sight.

The workplace is now well lighted, answering to European regulations, offering a nice atmosphere, where productivity, modernity, security and quality are characterizing the lighting within this warehouse thanks to GE.

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