The Customer

Aman Company Ltd. is a developing and growing company, it was founded in Belgrade in 1992. Since then its main occupation has been trading and providing services for customers. In 2008 it started expanding and increasing the number of retail stores in Belgrade and surrounding areas. Besides success, the company strongly focuses on the modernization of its lighting system in the shops and achieving energy savings.

Project Expectations

Aman places great importance on energy efficiency, which determined the aim of the innovation. As lighting technology develops the performance of the fixtures becoming more significant. The great efficiency, photometry and design of the GE LED products played a major role in the choice of the company to change the outdated fixtures in six retail shops across Serbia.


Modern GE LED solutions have been installed instead traditional products. 1842 LED fittings and 4044 LED lamps, including ALIx, SLBt, LED Mariner, LED Albeo ABV, LED Downlight, LED Panels, LED Tubes and LED Plug-in. The GE products ensure a high quailty lighting experience in the shops, thanks to the better vertical uniform illumination. The colour reproduction index is also higher, therefore the lighting performance has been upgraded.

Results and Benefits

The targets have been achieved, since the energy saving is around 60% and the cost of the investment returns in 5 years. The impact of the change is clearly noticeable, not only the illumination of the shops has been improved, but also the aesthetics, due to the nice design of the lamps. The maintenance costs have been reduced as a result of the modernization, moreover the new fittings are environment friendly.

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