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The glowing Christmas
present of a packaging


  • Tungsram has now been able to successfully contribute to the sustainability goals of Hungarian package manufacturer by modernizing the lighting in their factories
  • The plant has reached a whole new level of quality and appearance which can have a positive impact on the well-being and safety of the employees
  • LED fixtures decreased energy consumption meaning significant energy savings for the company


BOX PRINT-FSD PACKAGING LTD. mainly manufactures a wide range of high-quality packaging materials for the FMCG sector. BOX PRINT has been in the industry for more than 20 years and its products are used globally in 100 countries by various companies, including Tungsram Group.

The Hungarian-owned company operates with two factories in Hungary, in Körösladány and Dunaharaszti. At both sites, a robust machinery fleet of the latest technology ensures the safe delivery of the ordered products.

In order to achieve BOX PRINT-FSD PACKAGING’s mission, which is to provide an outstandingly competitive service, they are constantly developing the company. Trusting in the excellent cooperation between the two companies, Tungsram was asked to carry out a detailed and accurate survey in the Dunaharaszti site to modernize its lighting solution.

The challenge

Existing lighting has become outdated during the years, so the company wanted to modernize its lighting solutions. Beside sustainability and cost saving goals, the main aspect of the lighting modernization was to create a better working environment for the employees and enhance their well-being.

New lighting had to be compliant with standards and regulations along creating perfect visual conditions, as proper lighting might improve people’s well-being and concentration and boost their productivity.

The solutions

When selecting the devices to be installed, the primary consideration was the design of adequate lighting and light distribution in the rooms, followed by sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to the two production halls, Tungsram High Bays were also installed in the warehouse. This high-bay luminaire operates with excellent efficiency and has a wide range of control options. It provides perfect visibility in the 7.5-meter-high halls.

In other indoor areas such as restrooms, dining rooms, and corridors Tungsram LED Bulkhead and Mariner luminaires have been installed. Bulkhead products can be used in a variety of applications such as receptions, stairways, corridors, rest areas and exterior walls of buildings providing uniform light in different environments. Dust and water-proof Mariners are extremely energy efficient and have a low maintenance cost, so they have proven to be the right solution. On the outside of the plant the old outdoor luminaires have been dismantled and replaced with the latest Tungsram PIKO luminaires, which unlike previous luminaires, operate with lower power consumption, have a compact size and high lumen value. Although the poles remained, the positions of the arms were changed for better illumination. In addition, several canopy fixtures were placed on the facades, so the company logo on the building was given adequate lighting as well.

Besides providing the fixtures, Tungsram carried out the construction in 5-6 working days supporting the customer’s smooth operation. After fulfilling the construction, electric touch protection and metering tests were initiated, to confirm that results meet standards and protocols.

The solutions

FRAMATOME Paimboeuf site was previously illuminated with 250W SHP luminaires representing 694 lamps. With the lamps reaching their commercialization end and no longer meeting the expectations of the site, their managers and teams, the lighting needed to be redesigned. The Elec Atlantique St Nazaire (ETN) and Tungsram partnership took an interest in the FRAMATOME Paimboeuf project to reshape this industrial site lighting.

Employees’ well-being and safety as well as the possible energy savings with LED technology were the main motivations for this site to switch from traditional technology to Tungsram LED technology. The desire to modernize and bring renewal to the site was also part of FRAMATOME Paimboeuf’s wishes. An ROI calculation has been done internally at FRAMATOME using our technical datas to determine realistic and achievable objectives.


“Most of the works took place during Christmas holidays, without hindering production in the slightest. When colleagues returned from their holiday, they barely recognized the previous workstations. They found a completely different quality plant the main hall and outdoor car parks create the impression of a much more modern, global company. The plant has reached a whole new level of quality and appearance” said Mr. Attila Fazekas, Managing Director.

Based on first impressions and feedbacks employees are happy with the changes, so through the lighting modernization a positive impact on employees’ well-being at the workplace can be expected, along with a more accurate and safer work due to better visual conditions.

By evaluating energy consumption results, it clearly shows that the company’s consumption has decreased through using the LED fixtures, which means significant energy savings for the company. Sustainability is one of the main values of BOX PRINT-FSD PACKAGING Kft., to which Tungsram has now been able to successfully contribute by modernizing their lighting.