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Tungsram wants to help tackle some of the pressing challenges of our time: food security, livable environments with lower energy consumption and cost, most recently safe, sanitized environments – or in short “human wellbeing”.

“We need a partnership among the companies, universities, and research centers of our country to create sterile surroundings — alone, we cannot manage it.”

The future
through the eyes of Tungsram

Tungsram’s vision of future revolves around three main qualities,
representing our main values.


Our solutions help the world to food security, ending world hunger, and also to clean, safe environments.


Smart solutions in lighting or facility management for smart cities, self- sustenance to offset climate change – they all lead to livable environments all around the globe.


In every aspect of its production, strategy, solutions and operations Tungsram is aware of its social responsibility and is an important player of the circular economy. Our partnerships with SME’s and academia serve a constant search for the sustainable future.

What we offer...
. ... is 125 years of innovation




Smart Solutions













We build on our technology and materials know how, leveraging our state-of-the-art teams and infrastructure in the heart of Europe


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We CAN and
we DO.
For the common good

Tungsram connects to 13 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Zero hunger
Quality education
Good health and well-being
Partnership for the goals
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Decent work and economic growth

of excellence in technology


in Hungary and globally


Established sales network

Talent Hubs and Partnerships

Generating knowledge
is the best investment

Tungsram believes in the power of partnership with academia. Access to knowledge and resources – through a sophisticated, well-designed infrastructure – is something young researchers and talents simply need in order to make an impact.

Some of our partners

We ensure impact
for outstanding ideas

Even the best ideas need support. Tungsram is committed to ensure mentorship, network and investment to startups and small businesses who are working hard on a livable future.

Some of our partners

"The efficiency of Tungsram LED lamps is outstanding, the plants grow beautifully and properly, and in terms of energy costs, our operating costs are much lower than what we experienced before in the case of traditional greenhouse lamps"

Tamas KozmaRetail Owner Abared tomato (hu)

We’re not just talking about action,
we’re engaged in it.

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Your great-grandfather knew Tungsram.
Now we are building a world for our grandchildren's generation.
Tungsram has alway thrived surviving all the hard times of the last century. See how our history and our heritage of innovation influences our present efforts.

Our mission is to offer data-driven solutions to issues of food, sanitation and more livable spaces with lower environmental footprints – in short: increased human well-being.

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Trust the Tungsram Innovation

Trust the Tungsram Innovation

Trust the Tungsram Innovation

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