From future-proof modular solutions to innovative new formats, we deliver high quality LED Indoor solutions at an affordable price.

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LED Outdoor solutions deliver a light closer to natural daylight than the traditional lamps of the past. The latest LED lighting solutions provide an ideal upgrade path for public bodies looking to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. LED can make striking aesthetic improvements to landscapes and cityscapes.

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Traditional lamps

We offer a comprehensive range of light sources from traditional technologies such as HID, LFL, CFL, Halogen and Specialty lamps, for indoor and outdoor solutions.

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Wide selection of automotive lamps  available - offering full ranges operating on either 12V or 24V systems. Our lamps -  with GE and Tungsram brand - are on the Approval Lists of many of the car manufacturers world-wide where quality and performance are key measurements. 



World Telecommunication and Information Society Day May 17

Today we are celebrating the 50th World Telecommunication Day since May 17, 1969. It is a celebration for Tungsram as well, as our company contributed to building a connected society since the beginning of electric communication.

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We bring light to those in need

Tungsram supports the children’s homes of Csaba Böjte with donation

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Tungsram to extend cooperation with GE and entering a new growth industry

Hungarian suppliers of the SME sector play an important role in enabling GE to join infrastructure and industrial projects, where significant capacity extension is expected in the future.

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The International Workers’ Day

The International Workers’ Day commemorates more than the historic struggles and gains made by the labor movement regarding workers’ rights and their working conditions,

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Foundation of the Chair for Nuclear Physics at the Royal Joseph University of Technology and Economics

Disruptive technologies are transforming our life profoundly at an accelerated pace. They have changed the competitive position of enterprises, too.

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A revived, iconic Hungarian brand will shine again in its ancient glory

Foreign factory-building, startup-incubation, appearance in energy storage and many other areas – in an interview with, Tungsram’s future was revealed, among other subjects, by Jörg Bauer.

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