From future-proof modular solutions to innovative new formats, we deliver high quality LED Indoor solutions at an affordable price.

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LED Outdoor solutions deliver a light closer to natural daylight than the traditional lamps of the past. The latest LED lighting solutions provide an ideal upgrade path for public bodies looking to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. LED can make striking aesthetic improvements to landscapes and cityscapes.

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Traditional lamps

We offer a comprehensive range of light sources from traditional technologies such as HID, LFL, CFL, Halogen and Specialty lamps, for indoor and outdoor solutions.

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Wide selection of automotive lamps  available - offering full ranges operating on either 12V or 24V systems. Our lamps -  with GE and Tungsram brand - are on the Approval Lists of many of the car manufacturers world-wide where quality and performance are key measurements. 



New startups around our company

Two great startups will work closely with Tungsram in the following period!

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Tungsram supporting Hungarian startups as a partner of InnoEnergy

Late November, a long-term partnership agreement was signed between InnoEnergy, Europe’s leading investor in sustainable energy management, and Tungsram Group continuing the 122-year-old tradition of European innovation.

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Tungsram helps high schoolers pass English exams

Last year, 36 high school students managed to successfully pass the EuroPro B2 business English language exam with the help of Tungsramʼs Future Talents program, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

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With the GE Lighting sale closed, Tungsram is ready to take on the world

The transition of international entities to Tungsram Group has been completed by November. 23 legal entities in 22 countries have joined the headquarter in Hungary, while the 5,000 company headcount has been expanded with 106 ex-GE Lighting employees.

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Tungsram debuts in the UK

This week we have participated the biggest lighting trade show in the UK – LUX Live.

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Tungsram and Budapest Airport join forces

Budapest, 13 November 2018. Two Hungarian brands of international repute are working together to strengthen each other: Budapest Airport and Tungsram have concluded a strategic cooperation agreement.

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